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Bontiér’s other projects in development include the introduction of parfum JulieBontiér a unique pure energy perfume.


Julie Bontiér, nationally renowned teacher and spiritual counselor, has also inspired television and radio audiences alike. She has worked with a vast range of clients; corporate executives, celebrities and everyday people have experienced their angels’ counsel through Bontiér. Julie has counseled countless clients worldwide providing empowering insight for the public by answering their questions on current life issues.

Julie Bontiér’s first personal experience with Angels began at the age of four on her parents’ farm in rural Indiana. A beautiful Angel introduced herself as Annie, Julie’s guardian Angel. Annie interceded and protected her during numerous life threatening situations. Through this relationship she was taught the differences and similarities between heaven and earth. As their relationship evolved, Julie learned more about the angelic kingdom. She began meeting, communicating and interacting with a multitude of Angels.

Julie moved from Indiana to California and achieved a successful career as a make-up artist/hairdresser for the film and television industry. Julie received an Emmy Certificate for Makeup and was also nominated for two Emmys as Department Head Hairdresser. Her uplifting, magnetic energy made her an instant favorite on the set. People began to recognize Julie’s spiritual connection. As her reputation as a spiritual counselor became known, she was approached for Angelic guidance and advice on career, family and relationships.

As a result, Julie began workshops, speaking engagements and guest appearances on TV and radio, which lead her to write the upcoming The Essence of Angels. This inspirational book is based upon her life experiences with Angels and sharing her clients’ and friends’ experiences. This heavenly inspiration shares the Angels’ interactive language to access their co-creative support. The Essence of Angels gives instructional understanding to establish divine relationships with your heavenly counsel. Its central theme is that through celestial communication, we can co-create the reality of our lives as the magical experience it is intended to be. Bontiér is also currently writing a second book, Faithful Innocence. This book shares experiences about keeping an open heart with trusting faith as we continue our deeply inward higher-self connection along the Spiritual journey.

Bontiér’s other projects in development include the introduction of parfum JulieBontiér a unique pure energy perfume and TV Series in various phases of development.

As we begin a new millennium, Julie Bontiér feels now is the time to share the angels’ wisdom with the public. “Celestial consciousness enlightens us to be closer with God. Each of us has the ability to connect with our light-body dimension and our angels to live a more fulfilling life. This cooperative heavenly ascension attracts and co-creates miracles in our lives.” says Bontiér. “Angelic consciousness empowers us to co-create our dreams bringing heaven to earth.”


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